Congratulations to Alex Pico on receiving the Distinguished Achievement in Scientific Leadership award from Gladstone!


Kudos to graduate student Maureen Pittman on receiving the NIH F31 fellowship for her work on genetic determinants of congenital heart defects!


Lab alumnus Hassan Samee was recognized for his excellent teaching by the Baylor College of Medicine Graduate School. Congratulations to Hassan on receiving the Outstanding Lecturer award!


We celebrated Ada Lovelace Day. Katie shared her experiences as a woman in data science in this interview.


We were awarded an NIH grant to join the 4D Nucleome consortium with the Bruneau lab. Read about the project here.


Congratulations to Luis Diaz for being a peer mentor in the SF Build / Metro College Success program!

JULY 2020

Reuben Thomas is leading an effort to predict clinical outcomes in HIV and COVID-19 with machine learning applied to blood biomarkers and genomics. Read the story.

June 2020

Our enhancer atlas of the developing human brain was published in Cell. Read the story.

JUNE 2020

The lab participated in ShutDownSTEM and other anti-racism protests.

MAY 2020

Katie gave a Gladstone Newton Series Webinar about exploring human microbes through big data.

May 2020

Katie is co-author on an op/ed piece in the SF Chronicle about the impacts of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic on scientists without childcare and schools.

APRIL 2020

Kathleen Keough did an evolutionary analysis that predicts a broad host range of SARS-COV-2 across vertebrates, suggesting humans could infect endangered species and domesticated animals. Read the pre-print.

MARCH 2020

We’re very proud of the work Alex Pico and colleagues are doing to develop network based data resources for COVID-19 research. Read about it here.

MARCH 2020

Read about our lab’s contributions to team science to elucidate causes of heart disease.

MARCH 2020

On March 5, 2020, Katie will be speaking at an Exploratorium After Dark event BioFutures: Exploring Human Microbes Through Big Data. Detail and tickets here.