Talks and other media

K.S. Pollard (2023). “What can genomics tell us about evolution of the human brain”, Chan Zuckerberg Biohub Network. (Recording)

K.S. Pollard (2021). Gladstone Institutes Lab Chat. (Recording)

K.S. Pollard (2021). “Sequence-Structure-Function Modeling for DNA”, MIT Bioinformatics Seminar. (Recording)

K.S. Pollard (2020). “Exploring Human Microbes Through Big Data”, Gladstone Newton Series. Also presented at the Exploratorium. (Webinar)

Megan Piggott (2019). “Human: Biology”, an interview with Katie Pollard on what it means to be human. (Podcast)

K.S. Pollard (2019). “Let’s Experiment : A Guide for Scientists Working at the Bench”, iBiology Course. (Course Website) (YouTube Trailer)

K.S. Pollard (2017). “Microbiome aware precision medicine”, lunch talk, World Conference of Science Journalists. (Details)

K.S. Pollard (2017). “Approaches to microbiome population genetics and strain tracking with next-gen microbial sequencing”, Science Webinar. (Link to video)

K.S. Pollard (2016). “Massive Data Sheds Light on Your Microbiome”, Gladstone Open Classroom, Talks at Google. (Link to video)

K.S. Pollard (2016). “Decoding the Human Microbiome”, Computational Immunology Seminar, Stanford University.
(Link to video)

K.S. Pollard and others. “Me, Myself, and My Microbiome”, Carry the One Radio podcast. (Link to audio)

K.S. Pollard (2015). “The Fastest Evolving Regions of the Human Genome”, Leakey Foundation Lecture, Houston Museum of Natural Science. (Link to video)

K.S. Pollard (2015). “Human molecular evolution since the human-chimpanzee divergence”, in Rosenberg, N. and Nielsen, R. (eds), Human Population Genetics II, The Biomedical & Life Sciences Collection, Henry Stewart Talks Ltd, London. (Link to video)

K.S. Pollard (2015). “Can a few non-coding mutations make a human brain?”, video abstract for a review in BioEssays. (Link to video)

LabTV, Meet a Scientist, University of California San Francisco channel. (Link to video)

K.S. Pollard and colleagues (2014). “Exploring the Human Microbiome”, City Visions, KALW public radio. (Link to audio)

K.S. Pollard (2009). “What Makes Us Human?”, California Academy of Sciences / (Link to video 1) (Link to video 2)