We are seeking scientists with prior experience in statistics and coding who share our passion for decoding how genomes work and how they break in disease using comparative and evolutionary methods. New lab members come from diverse academic backgrounds, each with a different mix of quantitative skills and biological knowledge. Team members have the opportunity to learn new programming languages, high-performance computing strategies, and statistical methods in the context of doing bioinformatics research.

We believe in workplace diversity, equity, and inclusion. Our core values and DEI commitment are here.

PhD Students

If you are interested in being a graduate student in the lab, you should first enroll in a UCSF graduate program, such as Bioinformatics, Pharmacogenomics, or Biomedical Sciences. Graduate students take a year of classes and do rotation projects in several labs before choosing an advisor. Individuals cannot be admitted directly into a UCSF/Gladstone lab.


If you are seeking a postdoctoral research position in human and/or microbial comparative genomics, please send your CV to Katie Pollard. Contact information here.