We are a bioinformatics research lab focused on developing novel methods and using them to study genome evolution, organization, and regulation. Our mission is to decode biomedical knowledge that is missed without rigorous statistical approaches.

Latest News

MARCH 2024

The Biswas Family Foundation awarded us $5M for a new Center for Transformational Cancer Computational Biology that will use machine learning to accelerated discovery of genetic mechanisms and optimization of personalized immune therapies for solid tumors. Read the story.


We received a $1.3M grant from the Keck Foundation to establish the Keck Center for Machine-Guided Functional Genomics!

April 2023

Shiron Drusinsky received an NSF predoctoral fellowship!

APRIL 2023

Kathleen Keough’s paper showing that HARs are hijacked enhancers was published today in Science as part of the Zoonomia Consortium package. Our lab also contributed to two papers on evolutionary constraint, including Abigail Lind’s work on CMAH, an enzyme involved in viral infections. These discoveries were covered by the New York Times, Nature, NPR, Popular Science, and other media. Check out the press release.

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