BMI206: Statistical Methods


Reading List

These papers provide examples of the topics in the course from the recent literature. They will be discussed in class on Wednesdays. Papers marked (*) will form the basis of the final project.

Date Paper PMID Questions
Pre-requisite Empowering statistical methods for cellular and molecular biologists PMID: 31145670 Discussion questions
Oct 18 * Improving polygenic prediction in ancestrally diverse populations PMID: 35513724 Discussion questions
Oct 25 * Addressing biases in gene-set enrichment analysis: a case study of Alzheimer’s Disease PMID: N/A Discussion questions
Nov 1 Navigating the pitfalls of applying machine learning in genomics PMID: 34837041 Discussion questions
Nov 15 * Global reference mapping of human transcription factor footprints PMID: 32728250 Discussion questions
Nov 29 * Identification of critical connectors in the directed reaction-centric graphs of microbial metabolic networks PMID: 31195955 Discussion questions
Dec 6 The art of using t-SNE
The specious art of single-cell genomics
PMID: 31780648 Discussion questions