JUNE 2024

Katie contributed to a news story about challenges and opportunities in the era of massive data.

APRIL 2024

Katie was elected as a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science! Read about it here.

APRIL 2024

Pollard lab students Shu Zhang and Cindy Pino received the NSF Fellowship. Way to go!

MARCH 2024

Congratulations to Barbara Engelhardt in our institute for being elected as a Fellow of the International Society for Computational Biology! Read about it here.

MARCH 2024

The Biswas Family Foundation awarded us $5M for a new Center for Transformational Cancer Computational Biology that will use machine learning to accelerated discovery of genetic mechanisms and optimization of personalized immune therapies for solid tumors. Read the story.


We received a $1.3M grant from the Keck Foundation to establish the Keck Center for Machine-Guided Functional Genomics!

April 2023

Shiron Drusinsky received an NSF predoctoral fellowship!

APRIL 2023

The 4D Nucleome Project posted profiles of Katie and other female investigators as a program highlight.

MARCH 2023

Katie was featured in a UCSF short documentary for International Women’s Day.


Sean Whalen’s recent papers dissected the function and evolution of Human Accelerated Regions with machine learning and massively parallel reporter assays. Read the about the Neuron study here and our Annual Review here. His approach was covered in a story from the Simons Foundation.


Grad student Maureen Pittman published her work on using AP-MS protein networks to identify new congenital heart disorder genes. This was a great collaboration. Read the story.


Our Biohub team, led by postdoc Jason Shi, published a method for fast, accurate genotyping of microbiomes. Read the press release about this paper and our single-cell genomics approach for tracking how microbiome strains evolve within a person’s gut.


The Pollard Lab welcomes Vijay Ramani and his lab to Gladstone!