Jason Shi, Ph.D.

Jason Shi

Bioinformatics Fellow

I am a postdoc in Dr. Katie Pollard’s group, and I am currently working on developing computational methods and bioinformatics tools for understanding genetic variations in complex microbiomes. I did my ph.D. study with my former adviser Dr. Jizhong Zhou at University of Oklahoma, and most of my previous work has been focused on developing technology and tackling computational problems in metagenomics studies.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Outreach Activities

I have tutored a minority graduate student and also am committed to do so in the future. I also advocate for equality in microbiome research, one of our researches revealed discovery of genetic variation is slowed down due to a lack of samples from underrepresented regions (e.g. Africa).

Contact Information

Jason [dot] Shi [at] gladstone [dot] ucsf [dot] edu